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  Niels Bauer Games is not a big corporation, but literally a one man company based in Freiburg in Germany. I am developing the games on this website myself together with a couple of hired independend freelance artists. Together we are what´s called an independend games developer nowadays.

Since 1998 I am creating addictive games for PC-Windows. These days I am making my games in my spare time beside my main job. I do not have any employees.

I can only continue making games in the future, if you support me and buy my games.

It would be great if you could help spread the word about my games. Whether you do so by emailing your friends, using social networks, posting on a web forum or by chatting at work – in all cases I am relying on your support and your word of mouth advertisement.

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  Because my games are fun and you definately want to make sure that I can make more fun games.

If you want to support the people that make the kinds of games you like to play, please buy directly from this website. In this case I am getting about 90% from your money without any middlemen taking away 50% or more of your support. By purchasing my games directly from this website you ensure that I can develop games in the future.

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