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Contact & Support

  Please read the support section to learn about the best and fastest way to get support. We offer an excellent customer service, but please follow the procedure outlined in the support section.

Niels Bauer Games, Germany

VAT no. (USt. Nr.): DE 199 132 440


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  "I didn't receive an answer within 24 hours!"

Please give us at least 24 hours to answer your request. We promise that we will answer your request as fast as we can. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, there may have been a problem with either your email, or our response email. [...Read more]

"I didn't receive my game!"

Please understand that, except where explicitly stated, there is no physical product (e.g.: CD) shipped. After purchasing from the US based software vendor RegNow you will receive a download link to the game immediately after your payment has been processed. [...Read more]

"I have problems downloading the file."
"I get the error message 'file corrupt' ".

Some browsers have problems downloading large files. [...Read more]


Imprint (§ 6 TDG)

  Alright, here comes the legal fine print. Due to German law (§ 6 TDG) we are obliged to display certain information on our website including a summons-capable address of the company, which is: Niels Bauer, Sickingenstr. 37, 79117 Freiburg, Germany. Please note that this is a mail drop address and we do not have any shop or phone. As legally required the above address is court summonable. It might also be worth mentioning, that we do not sell any products or games directly from this website. We are just the developer of the games. If you click the buy links you are lead to the website of our distributor, which is your licensed contract partner. In case you are a business and require our VAT or tax numbers, you can find them at the top of this page.  

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